Varieties of filling: Bengaluru samosas often have a variety of fillings beyond the traditional potato.

You can find variations with peas, dal, mixed vegetables and even paneer.

The spice mix in the samosas here includes curry leaves, mustard seeds and regional spice mix, which gives them a distinct taste.

The shape of samosas is generally triangular; in Bengaluru, you can find them slightly larger or smaller with variations in size.

The samosas here are slightly longer and have a different crimping style.

The chutney accompanying samosas is made of spicy tamarind, coriander and mint, coconut chutney is also available.

In Bengaluru, unique combinations like paneer, mushrooms and even spicy paneer with spicy sauces enhance the taste of samosas.

Samosas are made with healthier ingredients such as whole wheat flour, baked instead of fried, or using less oil than traditional versions.

Freshness and quality: Many outlets in Bengaluru take pride in using fresh, high-quality ingredients for their samosas.

The café culture of Bengaluru has also got involved in making samosa. which has given this dish its distinct identity

The samosa here is spicier depending on the preferences of the city residents.

Famous samosa shops in Bengaluru, 1. Samosa Singh, 2. Pushpa Samosa Shop, 3. Samosa Heist, 4. Samosa Party, 5. Amma's Pastries.